We are developing a better way to deliver injectable glucagon for the treatment
of severe (often called "emergency") hypoglycemia.

Diabetic patients using insulin are prone to swings in their blood sugar levels. If
those levels drop too low too fast, the insulin using diabetic may lose
consciousness. In some cases seizures, coma or death are possible. It's a medical
emergency and must be treated fast!

If the patient with diabetes is aware of the blood sugar drop and can help
themselves, they will take some form of oral sugar. If they can't take oral sugar,
they are dependent on another person to recognize what's happened, locate the
emergency glucagon kit, prepare and give the injection.

The problem with the current kits is there are too many steps and places where
mistakes can be made. People actually fear trying to use the kit.

On this website we'll discuss the challenges patients and caregivers have using
the the "old" kits and share information about our new solution...GlucaPenŽand
GlucaPen JrŽ
GlucaPenŽ & GlucaPen JrŽ
A revolutionary step forward in the treatment of severe (emergency) hypoglycemia
Treating severe hypoglycemia will never be the same